Abstract Submission

Just as at the previous conference in Prague, ESA’s 13th conference in Athens 2017 will also be managed via the online conference software tool called “ConfTool”. Here, you will be able to submit your abstract, and Research Network/Stream coordinators and reviewers will be able to evaluate these abstracts and select them for presentation at the conference. Through the same online platform, all of you will be able to register to the conference as participants (from March/April 2017 onward).


In order to do so, you will have to create a user account in ConfTool.

  • ConfTool has already been activated. When registering to ConfTool, please provide a valid name and email address, since these will be used later for sending you relevant information about your submission and the conference!
  • Please also note that the user name and the password are both case-sensitive! This means that for example “peter” and “Peter” are two different user names and/or passwords. Furthermore consider that some letters and numbers look quite similar, for example the capital letter “O” and the number zero “0” look alike but are different symbols.


After you will have created a user account in ConfTool, you will be able to submit your abstract online to a specific Research Network (RN), Research Stream (RS), or Semi-plenary (SP).

Detailed information regarding the “Abstract Submission” can also be found in the Call for Papers.

“How-to” Instructions for the ConfTool Account

The ESA 2017 ConfTool manuals listed below will guide you on how to use the conference management platform.

The ESA 2017 ConfTool manuals are also available online on the login page of ConfTool platform and the website of the European Sociological Association.

Further Rules 
  • Please note, for abstract submitters (and conference participants in general) it is not required to be an ESA member while members of the Executive Committee, RN coordinators and RN board members, RS coordinators and RN/RS/SP session chairs must be registered ESA members. In order to become an ESA member, you need to fill out and submit online the ESA Membership Form.*
  • At the conference, session chairs cannot present in the session she or he is chairing. Chairs have an important role; they will guarantee that each speaker receives feed-back and they will engage the audience in debate too.

* Please note that ESA membership is valid for two years; membership includes a substantial reduction of the conference fee (roughly, ‘membership fee’ + ‘membership conference fee’ = ‘standard conference fee’)!

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