About the Research Networks

The ESA 2017 Conference invites submission for the following Research Networks (RN):

RN01 – Ageing in Europe

RN02 – Sociology of the Arts | incl. “Special PhD Call for Papers”

RN03 – Biographical Perspectives on European Societies

RN04 – Sociology of Children and Childhood

RN05 – Sociology of Consumption | incl. “Special PhD Call for Papers”

RN06 – Critical Political Economy

RN07 – Sociology of Culture

RN08 – Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis

RN09 – Economic Sociology

RN10 – Sociology of Education

RN11 – Sociology of Emotions

RN12 – Environment and Society

RN13 – Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives

RN14 – Gender Relations in the Labour Market and the Welfare State

RN15 – Global, transnational and cosmopolitan sociology

RN16 – Sociology of Health and Illness

RN17 – Work, Employment and Industrial Relations

RN18 – Sociology of Communications and Media Research

RN19 – Sociology of Professions

RN20 – Qualitative Methods

RN21 – Quantitative Methods

RN22 – Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty

RN23 – Sexuality

RN24 – Science and Technology

RN25 – Social Movements

RN26 – Sociology of Social Policy and Social Welfare

RN27 – Regional Network Southern European Societies

RN28 – Society and Sports

RN29 – Social Theory

RN30 – Youth and Generation

RN31 – Ethnic Relations, Racism and Antisemitism

RN32 – Political Sociology

RN33 – Women’s and Gender Studies

RN34 – Sociology of Religion

RN35 – Sociology of Migration

RN36 – Sociology of Transformations: East and West

RN37 – Urban Sociology

If you are considering submitting an abstract, please pay special attention to the following points.

Before submitting your abstract:

  • Read the detailed descriptions regarding the Research Networks included in the Call for Papers.
  • Read the Notes for Authors, which can also be found in the Call for Papers.
  • Read the “how-to” instructions for the online conference software tool called “ConfTool” included in the Abstract Submission section.

Abstract submission:

  • Abstracts must be submitted online through your ConfTool account.
  • Abstracts sent by email cannot be accepted.
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