Touring In & Around Athens

The participants of the 13th ESA Conference will have the chance, by participating in guided tours of their choice, to explore the city of Athens and the surrounding areas. Additional information is provided below:

Flavors of Athens Food Tour

During this private food tour you will not only explore the streets of Athens but you will get to taste appetizing treats that locals enjoy as part of their daily routine. You will gain insights into the development of our cooking methods, recipes and culinary traditions. We will be visiting dedicated artisans that have perfected their recipes over the decades, as well as specialized food stores sourcing the best products from all over Greece. A culinary tour would not be complete without a visit to the city’s vibrant central food market where all local vendors exhibit their products from across the country. Learn all about the tastes that the Athenians cherish and indulge in a bountiful assortment of appetizing sweet and savory treats with our food-wise guide.

 Cost: € 50 / person, minimum participation 10 pax & maximum 60 pax, which will be divided in 4-5 smaller groups).

 Into the Blue

Greece with its hundreds of miles of coastline offers the opportunity to explore the treasures of the Aegean even when in Athens. Join us on this tour, discover underwater secrets and spectacular uninhabited islands and immerse yourself into Poseidon’s kingdom by visiting the temple of Sounio.This day will be dedicated solely to the exploration of the beautiful undersea world while you will also experience the wonders of Mediterranean marine life. Swim in crystal azure waters and enjoy an unforgettable sea excursion to two uninhabited islands-very close to Athens. After you have built up an appetite we will retreat to a traditional sea tavern to enjoy a well-deserved lunch. Your day will end by visiting Sounio and the majestic temple of Poseidon.

 Cost: € 163 / person, minimum participation 6 pax, maximum 30 pax (will be divided in 3 – 4 smaller groups).

Acropolis & Flavors

A perfect tour to get a true feel of Athens! Ascent to the top of the sacred rock of the Acropolis to be confronted by one of the world’s most important structures in history, the Parthenon. Once there you will enjoy a guided tour which will reveal the magnitude and the rich heritage of Athens and cultural achievements of the Greek civilization of the Golden Age. After visiting Acropolis, get ready for a food tour that will truly make you feel like an Athenian! Sense the4 intriguing Greek cuisine and local food culture through an experiential food tour in the heart of the bustling capital of Greece. Wonder through authentic neighborhoods and visit a number of dedicated artisans that have perfected their recipes over the decades, specialized food stores sourcing the best products from all over Greece as well as the vibrant central food market. Immerse yourself in the exceptional gastronomy of Greece, by sampling a bountiful assortment of mouth-watering sweet and savory treats, concluding to a delicious lunch.

Cost: € 106 / person, minimum participation 15 pax, maximum 60 pax (will be divided in 2 – 3 smaller groups for Acropolis and to 5 smaller groups for the “Athens Flavors”).

Segway Orientation

A perfect choice for your first time in Athens! Hop on your Segway and discover some of the most important landmarks of this vibrant city in the company of your guide. In a fast and easy way you will visit some of the best sites around the Acropolis area such as the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Hill of Mars next to the Acropolis Rock and the hill of Pnyka to name a few. After your fun experience you will continue with your guide on a leisurely walk to Plaka area, a picturesque neighborhood with cobbled streets and quaint restored buildings, where you can have an optional coffee or ice-cream stop. Your walk will also get you through the tiny graphic Anafiotika area, a Greek island in the heart of Athens, where you will enjoy stunning views of the city just a few meters away from the Acropolis.

Cost: € 87 / person, minimum participation 8 pax, maximum 15 pax.

Wines of Oenotria

Located near Lake Marathon, approximately 45 minutes drive north of Athens, lies the incomparable Costa Lazaridis Estate.   Created in 2006 on one thousand acres of land, the estate consists of a winery, vineyards, cellars, a museum and banquet rooms for wine tasting and dining events.   The facilities are creatively named “Oenotria” after Oenotros, the son of a Greek king who founded a vineyard in southern Italy. Visitors to Oenotria experience the highest levels of wine culture, not only sampling from the company’s nine wine brands – reds, whites, rosés, dessert wines – but also touring its world class wine museum, an unforgettable experience.  The museum has a multitude of exhibits and artifacts from ancient Greece, such as wine amphoras, through the 17th century, and into modern times telling a fascinating history of the production process of wine, spirits and vinegar.  A buffet platter consists of Greek “meze” specialties.  This tour appeals to anyone who enjoys tasting fine wines and learning about Greek wines.  The Estate’s experts makes an illuminating presentation of each wine sampled and the artifacts in the unique wine museum.  Guests are able to purchase wine from the winery.

Cost: 132€ / per person, minimum participation 12 pax, maximum 20 pax.

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Sail aboard the Apollon, a handcrafted traditional wooden sailing yacht, 25 meters long.  The yacht has seven cabins with en suite bath, a fully equipped galley and indoor salon.  The Apollon’s average speed is ten knots per hour. From Alimos Marina guests sail eastward along the Athens Riviera with stunning landscape and seascape views and return in the same direction back to Alimos Marina.   During the cruise guests enjoy an open bar with a variety of wines and beer. A guitarist plays live music in the background during the cruise.

Cost: 175€/ per person, minimum participation 20 pax, maximum 30 pax.

Democracy Walking Tour

 The Democracy Walking Tour stops at fifteen points of interest in historic central Athens.  These points of interest pertain to a novel experiment by ancient Greeks called democracy. Democracy was one of Greece’s major contributions to Western Civilization and Athens is where the seeds of its theory and practice took root. The tour visits sites from the era of the birth of democracy and on through later eras, such as, the Ottoman Occupation when the Greek Revolution fought to create a modern democratic state. Foreign guests to Athens are encouraged to pay homage to the roots of democracy and this tour enables the visitor to do so. The tour is led by an expert in Greek history. Tour stops include Parliament, Socrates Prison, Areopagos, Roman Agora, Greek Agora, Kimon & Thucydides Tomb, the Pnyx. Tour pace is leisure.  Actual walking time:  2 hours.

Note:  The tour does not enter any official archaeology sites such as the Roman & Greek Agoras.  

Cost: 72€ / per person, minimum participation 12 pax, maximum 20 pax.

Athens Bike Tour

The Athens Bike Tour stops at 25 points of interest in historic central Athens on a route that is 90% traffic free.  The bike tour includes stops at famous sites, such as, Parliament and 1896 Olympic Stadium, but less visited sites as well, including Socrates Prison and the Pnyx where democracy was born. The bike tour is 11 kilometers with the highest climb 55 meters.  It is suitable for casual bikers and children 8 years old and up. Bike tour stops include, for example, Church House in Plaka, Tower of the Winds in Roman Agora, Parliament, Socrates Prison, Areopagus, Greek Agora, Kimon & Thucydides Tomb, the Pnyx, Ermou Street, Acropolis Walkway. Bike pace is leisure. Actual biking time: 2 hours The bicycles are hybrid city bikes with flat handlebars and triple chain ring.   Electric bikes available for an upgrade fee.  Kid’s bikes available, plus tag-alongs.


  • The bike tour does not enter any official archaeology sites.
  • Upgrade to an electric bike – 30€ per person. The electric bicycles allow any person to cover any terrain. This includes seniors, overweight persons, people with knee or hip handicaps, ladies who want to keep up with their husbands.  (No electric bikes for children).

Cost: 75€ / per person, minimum participation 10 pax, maximum 16 pax.

Aegina Day Cruise

Sail aboard the Apollon, a handcrafted traditional wooden sailing yacht, 25 meters long.  The yacht has 7 cabins with en suite bath, a fully equipped galley and indoor salon. Guests have use of the cabins and showers during the cruise.  The Apollon’s average speed is ten knots per hour. Aegina is a popular weekend getaway for Athenians because it is a charming Greek island only two hours sail away. Aegina is famous for its pistachios and has an annual pistachio festival in September. No visitor should leave without purchasing a souvenir bag of red or green nuts.  In the harbor town, besides strolling and shopping, visit a soap workshop to see how soap is made using organic olive oil.   Outside the harbor, guests are transferred by coach to Aegina’s premier attraction, the 5th century BC Temple of Aphaia located thirteen kilometers from the port; it is one of the best preserved temples in Greece.  On return guests can take a casual hike in Paleochora, a picturesque abandoned village peppered with little chapels. For active guests, there is swimming at the local beach and biking around the island with a bike guide on road bikes, hybrids or electric bikes.  Also, there are two-man sea kayaks for use in the area around Aegina harbor. (Limited number of bikes and sea kayaks – guests must reserve in advance).

Cost: 190€ / per person, minimum participation 20 pax, maximum 40 pax.

Tour selection and reservation:

  • For a detailed description of all the suggested guided tours in Athens and the surrounding areas, you can check the PCO Convin Guided Tours List.
  • Please read carefully the information regarding the “Highlights”, “Inclusions” and “Exclusions” of each guided tour.
  • If you wish to reserve a tour, please register and fill out the online PCO CONVIN Booking Form.
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Note: The guided tours presented above are exclusivly organised, managed and offered by PCO Convin S.A..

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