Semi-plenary Sessions and Speakers (further information will be added shortly)

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 | 9:00 – 10:30

SP01: The Structural Transformation of Europe’s Public Sphere in the Age of Extremes with Ruth Wodak and Nicolas Demertzis

Ruth Wodak | Emerita Distinguished Professor of Discourse Studies, Lancaster University & University of Vienna

Ruth Wodak is Emerita Distinguished Professor of Discourse Studies at Lancaster University, UK, and affiliated to the University of Vienna. Besides various other prizes, she was awarded the Wittgenstein Prize for Elite Researchers in 1996 and an Honorary Doctorate from University of Örebro in Sweden in 2010. In 2011, she was awarded the Grand Decoration of Honour in Silver for Services to the Republic of Austria. She is member of the British Academy of Social Sciences and member of the Academia Europaea. In 2008, she was awarded the Kerstin Hesselgren Chair of the Swedish Parliament (at University Örebro). She is co-editor of the journals Discourse and Society, Critical Discourse Studies, and Language and Politics. She has held visiting professorships in the University of Uppsala, Stanford University, University of Minnesota, University of East Anglia, EUI, Florence, and Georgetown University. In 2017, Ruth holds the Willi Brandt Chair at Malmö University.

Ruth has published 10 monographs, 27 co-authored monographs, over 60 edited volumes and ca. 400 peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters. Recent book publications include The Politics of Fear. What Right-wing Populist Discourses Mean (Sage, 2015; translation into the German Politik mit der Angst. Zur Wirkung rechtspopulistischer Diskurse. Konturen, 2016); The discourse of politics in action: ‘Politics as Usual’ (Palgrave), revised edition (2011); Migration, Identity and Belonging (with G. Delanty, P. Jones, 2011); The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics (with Barbara Johnstone and Paul Kerswill, 2010); Analyzing Fascist Discourse. Fascism in Talk and Text (with John Richardson, 2013), and Rightwing Populism in Europe: Politics and Discourse (with Majid Khosravinik and Brigitte Mral, 2013). See here for more information on ongoing research projects and recent publications.

Nicolas Demertzis | Professor, University of Athens/Director & President of the Administrators Board, EKKE

Nicolas Demertzis is Professor at the Department of Communication and Media Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has published extensively in Greek and English journals and collective volumes. His academic and research interests include political sociology, political communication, and the sociology of emotions. Between 2004 and 2010 he has been Dean at the Technical University of Cyprus, where he established the Department of Communication and Internet Studies, and the 2010-2013 period he was the President of the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (IKY). Currently, he is the Director and President of the Administrators Board of the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE).

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 | 9:00 – 10:30

SP03: The Sociology of Sustainable Food Consumption with Julie Guthman and Lotte Holm

Julie Guthman | Geographer and Professor of Social Sciences, University of California at Santa Cruz

Julie Guthman is a geographer and professor of social sciences at the University of California at Santa Cruz where she teaches courses primarily in global political economy and the politics of food and agriculture. She has published extensively on contemporary efforts to transform food production, distribution, and consumption, with a particular focus on the race, class and body politics of “alternative food.” Her publications include two multi-award winning books: Agrarian Dreams: the Paradox of Organic Farming in California and Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and the Limits of Capitalism. She is the recipient of the 2015 Excellence in Research Award from the Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society. Her latest research has examined the effects of the methyl bromide phase-out on California’s strawberry industry.

Lotte Holm | Professor of Sociology of Food, University of Copenhagen

Lotte Holm, PhD and MSc in Sociology, is Professor at the Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen. Dr Holm’s research centers around food and eating ranging from comparative population studies of changing eating patterns in modern life to in-depth qualitative investigations of e.g. the multiple meanings of food, food and gender identity, lay perceptions of food and health and risk, obesity and bodyweight management. She was a partner in the Trust in Food project which investigated institutional change in the food safety regulatory systems in EU and six European countries following the BSE crisis. Her recent projects include Governing Obesity, addressing specific experiences of individuals subjected to different kinds of obesity interventions, Food in Nordic everyday Life, analysing changes in everyday eating rhythms and patterns in four Nordic countries, and Food in Turbulent Times, focusing on food budget restraint in Denmark.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 | 11:00 – 12:30

SP05: Anatomy of the Greek Crisis with Maria Petmesidou and Nicos Mouzelis

Maria Petmesidou | Professor of Social Policy, Democritus University/Fellow of CROP/ISSC

Maria Petmesidou (Ph.D. Oxford University) is Professor of Social Policy at Democritus University (Greece) and Fellow of CROP/ISSC (Comparative Research on Poverty/International Social Science Council). She has published extensively on social policy and welfare reform in Greece and Southern Europe. Most recently she co-edited the books: Economic crisis and austerity in Southern Europe: Threat or opportunity for a sustainable welfare state? (London: Routledge, 2015) and Child poverty and youth (un)employment and social exclusion (Stuttgart: Ibidem, 2016). She is co-ordinating research on policy learning and transfer in the field of youth employment policies (funded under the EC FP7 Programme).

Nicos Mouzelis | Professor Emeritus of Sociology, London School of Economics

Nicos Mouzelis is Professor Emeritus of Sociology, London School of Economics. He has written extensively in the sociology of organizations (Organization and Bureaucracy, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1967), sociology of development (Modern Greece: Facets of Underdevelopment, Macmillan, 1978; Politics in the Semi-Periphery: Early Parliamentarism and Late Industrialisation in the Balkans and Latin America, Macmillan, 1986); social theory (Post-Marxist Alternatives, Macmillan, 1990; Back to Sociological Theory, Macmillan, 1991; Sociological Theory: What Went Wrong?, Routledge, 1995; Modern and Postmodern Social Theorising, Cambridge University Press, 2008), and sociology of religion (Modernity and Religion: Secularization, Fundamentalism, Ethics (in greek), Polis, 2014).

Friday, 1 September 2017 | 9:00 – 10:30

SP12: The Transformations of Capitalism in Eastern Europe with Jan Drahokoupil and Svetlana Stephenson

Jan Drahokoupil | Senior Researcher, European Trade Union Institute

Jan Drahokoupil is a Senior Researcher at the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) in Brussels. He published a number of books and journal articles on European and transition economies, welfare state, and multinational corporations. Jan coordinates research on digitalization at the ETUI. Recently, he edited two special issues of Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research on digitalization and the future of work. His book publications include Globalization and the state in Central and Eastern Europe (Routledge, 2009), Transition economies: Political economy in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia (with Martin Myant, Wiley-Blackwell, 2011), The outsourcing challenge: Organizing workers across fragmented production networks (edited, ETUI, 2015), Flexible workforces and low profit margins: Electronics assembly between Europe and China (edited, ETUI, 2016), and Chinese investment in Europe (edited, ETUI, 2017).

Svetlana Stephenson | Reader in Sociology, London Metropolitan University

Dr Svetlana Stephenson is a Reader in Sociology at London Metropolitan University. Her research has involved studying informal and criminal social networks in Russia, as well as perceptions of social justice and human rights in a comparative context. She is the author of Gangs of Russia, From the Streets to the Corridors of Power (Cornell UP, 2015), Crossing the Line. Vagrancy, Homelessness and Social Displacement in Russia (Ashgate, 2006) and the co-editor of Youth and Social Change in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union (Routledge, 2012). Her research was published in Current Sociology, Radical Philosophy, Journal of Youth Studies, The Sociological Review, Europe-Asia Studies, International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Slavic Review, Social Justice Research and Work, Employment and Society, among others. Before coming to the UK, she had worked at the Levada Centre in Moscow.

Friday, 1 September 2017 | 9:00 – 10:30

SP13: Public Sociology and Public Intellectuals in Times of Europe’s Crisis with Markus Schulz and Maria Kousis

Markus Schulz | Vice-President of ISA/Founding Curator, WebForum -The Futures We Want

Markus S. Schulz is Vice-President of the International Sociological Association, President of the ISA Forum of Sociology in Vienna 2016, and founding curator of the online WebForum on The Futures We Want. Professor Schulz’s research focuses on globalization, media, movements, and democratic imagination. He is author of the six-volume book series on Internet and Politics in Latin America (Frankfurt: Vervuert, 2003) and editor of the Current Sociology special issues on Values and Culture (2011) and Future Moves (2015). Among his many journal articles are “Collective Action across Borders” (Sociological Perspectives) and “Debating Futures” (International Sociology). Schulz won for his work international distinction, including the ISA’s Bielefeld Prize for the Internationalization of Sociology, the Eastern Sociological Society’s Candace Rogers Award, and the American Sociological Association’s Elise Boulding Award. Schulz has taught at New York University, University of Illinois, Virginia Tech, and the Bauhaus University of Weimar, Germany. He is currently working at the New School for Social Research on a project about “Reclaiming Futures.” Foe further information visit Markus Schulz’s personal website.

Maria Kousis | Professor of Sociology & Director of the C.R.S. in Humanities, Social Sciences and Pedagogics, University of Crete

Maria Kousis (PhD University of Michigan 1984) is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Centre for Research and Studies (C.R.S.) in Humanities, Social Sciences and Pedagogics at the University of Crete. Her work focuses on political, economic and environmental contention, as well as social change and impacts of the recent crises. She was coordinator of the EC DGXII project ‘Grassroots Environmental Action & Sustainable Development in the Southern European Union’ and partner in EC projects including TEA, PAGANINI and MEDVOICES. Publications include 11 edited volumes/books/special issues and more than 60 articles/book chapters, including Economic and Political Contention in Comparative Perspective (co-edited with Charles Tilly; Paradigm, 2005). She is more recently involved as partner in the European Commission projects LIVEWHAT and TransSOL where she is leader of work packages on alternative forms of resilience and innovative paths to transnational solidarity, respectively. Furthermore, with Jochen Roose she has co-ordinated the GGCRISI Project on public sphere attributions of responsibility in Germany and Greece (2009-2013) funded by the Greek and German Ministries.

The Conference Programme will be updated periodically as more information becomes available, please check back regularly for updates.

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