Accommodation during the Conference

The participants of the 13th ESA Conference in Athens may profit from the pre-arranged reduced accommodation rates during the conference days. A number of hotel rooms has been secured in various hotels of all categories and within reasonable distance from the main conference venue.

You can see the recommended hotels below:

HotelCategoryHotel Distance
from the Venue*
Single Room
Price in Euros (€ )**
Double Room
Price in Euros (€ )**
Athenaeum InterContinental5*150 m120 € 130 €
Divani Palace Acropolis5*1.4 km115 € 125 €
Astor Hotel4*6.3 km91 € 94 €
Athenian Callirhoe4*1.3 km98 € 110 €
Best Western Ilissia4*3.9 km90 € 100 €
Golden Age4*4.3 km100 € 115 €
Ilissos Hotel4*1.4 km70 € 75 €
President Hotel4*5.4 km72 € 85 €
The Stanley Hotel4*4.8 km69 € / 85 €
standard / superior
74 € / 90 €
standard / superior
Acropolis Hill Hotel3*1.5 km93 € 111 €
Acropolis Select3*1.3 km115 € 135 €
Athens Cypria Hotel3*4.3 km90 € 110 €
Athinais Hotel3*5.4 km85 € 95 €
Attalos Hotel 3*3.7 km78 €92 €
Central Hotel3*4.4 km110 € 120 €
Oscar Hotel3*6.1 km52 €58 €
Areos Hotel2*4.8 km75 €93 €
Cecil Hotel2*3.6 km69 €80 €
Evripides Hotel2*3.8 km60 €65 €
Phaedra Hotel 2*2.2 km70 €
no balcony
95 €
with balcony

* The distance between the hotels and the main conference venue is calculated approximately.

** All aforementioned rates quoted are per room per night, including Buffet Breakfast and all applicable taxes.

Hotel selection and reservation:

  • For a brief description of  all the suggested hotels, you can check the List of Hotels.
  • In order to spot a hotel’s location compared to the main conference venue, you can click on the Hotel Map.
  • Before booking a hotel, please read carefully the information regarding the Reservation Terms and Conditions.
  • If you wish to reserve a room in one of the hotels, please register and fill out the online Hotel Booking Form.
  • For group reservations and all other accommodation enquiries or services, please contact the Organizing Secretariat at


Please have in mind that Athens attracts many visitors even in late August and the number of rooms at reduced rates is limited. We advise you to make your accommodation arrangements as soon as possible.   

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